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About Us

We serve Missoula, Hamilton, and Helena, Montana with a full array of construction materials and services. Our team highly skilled professionals have built long-term relationships with our customers and communities. World class safety, exceptional quality, unmatched service and maintaining a superior image in our community will continue to be the foundation of our future.

Mission Statement

1. Safety is Number 1 in everything that we do.

a. Everybody goes home the same way they came to work.
b. Employees are not allowed to get injured at work.
c. You are responsible for your safety and the safety of your coworkers.
d. “If everyone in the pool is a lifeguard, then no one gets hurt.”

2. Quality – We are dedicated to performing work correct the first time.

a. We will be better than our competition.
b. If we do not have time to do it right the first time, how can we possibly find time to go back to do it again?
c. We will request customer feedback upon project completion.
d. Every employee is responsible for quality.

3. Service – We will provide unmatched service for our products and work.

a. We are dedicated to conducting ourselves in a professional manner always.
b. We will go above and beyond our customer’s expectations to ensure their satisfaction.
c. It is ok to smile.
d. If we do not take care of our customers somebody else will.

4. Company Image – Perception is often times reality.

a. We will maintain a clean fleet of trucks and equipment.
b. We will maintain all work areas in a neat and orderly fashion. (shops, pits, plants, job sites)
c. Be a good neighbor by staying actively involved in our community through donations, functions and personal involvement.
d. We will strive to conserve energy and recycle whenever possible.

5. Team – Develop a “Team” of experts.

a. Our employees are our most valuable resource.
b. Cultivate future leaders of the company.
c. Set our employees up to succeed through training, coaching & experience.